PT. Tensa Karya Group is a company engaged in the field of distributors and suppliers of oil & gas materials and steel construction materials with high quality standards that continuously improve the quality and quantity in the distribution of materials including piping, valves, fittings and steel construction as well as accesories. the products we provide are branded products with high quality and clear and detailed specifications.

We are ready to work with you to prepare your material project needs for small, medium and large scale. with guaranteed quality, timely delivery and competitive prices. PT. Tensa Karya Group thanks to having marketing reach to all regions of Indonesia and we can deliver goods to various parts of Indonesia.

We of Tensa Karya Group are committed to serving customers by providing quality products and at competitive prices.


Menjadikan perusahaan yang mandiri, berintegritas dan kepuasan pelanggan.


Harga bersaing, kualitas terjamin, pengiriman tepat waktu, menjaga kepercayaan konsumen.


Sebagai distributor dan supplier material oil & gas serta material steel kontruksi dengan standart kualitas tinggi antara lain: pipe steinless, pipe carbon steel, pipe duplex, elbow steinless, elbow carbon steel, elbow duplex dengan harga murah.


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